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You are visiting the official site of the Sdelai Telo trademark. You can find here all information about the Sdelai Telo simulator, about the exercises that can be done using it, about the stores where you can purchase the simulator. You can also ask us any questions that interest you.

Sdelai Telo is a unique simulator that can replace a whole gym and do not require a separate room. It will save your money and will help you always feel and look fine. Just 40-50 minutes of exercise every day, and you will be in good spirits and good shape!

Using Sdelai Telo, representatives of the fair sex will have a wasp waist and will forget about problem zones, while men will always look athletic and exude energy and confidence. Good bearing, hard muscles, energy you will get it all after training with the Sdelai Telo simulator.


  • the Sdelai Telo simulator has small size and can be easily used at home
  • taking into account the possibility to change the form of the simulator with the help of regulating belts and variation of the internal pressure of the simulator, both children and adults can use it 
  • it replaces a whole complex of simulators, providing uniform and efficient load for all groups of muscles
  • exertion and load can be adjusted by using different forms of the simulator and by changing the pressure in the simulator
  • if you rotate the simulator for 15-20 minutes daily, you can reduce your waist measurement by 12 cm in a month
  • in addition to exertion load for the muscles, the simulator provides massage
  • unlike inefficient dietary supplements and expensive restorative surgeries, Sdelai Telo is a fully-featured simulator that makes it possible to achieve efficient and stable result already after a month of regular training
  • the cost of the Sdelai Telo simulator is equal to the cost of a club card to attend gym for three months, but you can use the simulator whenever you want and for as long as you want, planning the time and the required load yourself.

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