Revival of interest to sports has become a worldwide tendency over the past years. It has become fashionable to be healthy. Mountain skis and diving, yoga and aerobics - the ways to develop a healthy, beautiful body are varied. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find time and means to attend a gym, and you can get a holiday to spend it in mountains only once a year.

The universal ‘Sdelai Telo’ simulator that makes it possible to do exercises at home was developed specifically for the people who do not have an opportunity to attend gyms, but still pay attention to their health. The simulator is small and does not occupy much space, after a training session it can be placed under the bed, but as for the quality of the load and the number of different exercises it can replace a well-equipped gym. ‘Sdelai Telo’ gives an effective load for all groups of muscles, the results, in the case of regular training sessions, can be seen already a month later.

But such warranty is given only for the application of simulators produced by the company. The only producer of ‘Sdelai Telo’ simulators officially states that ‘Sdelai Telo’ simulators are produced only at a plant in Novosibirsk according to a licensed technology, all materials and parts of which the simulator is assembled have certificates of quality, comply with sanitary standards, and the simulator structure is protected by a patent for an invention. All similar products by other manufacturers are counterfeits. 

To avoid buying bad quality ‘Sdelai Telo’ simulator, you should buy the simulator exceptionally in big specialized stores and sales points specified in advertising, where they control the quality of goods more thoroughly. Especially, as the simulator is referred to expensive goods. So, if you buy into purchasing a simulator at a lower price, there is no guarantee that it will do you good, not harm.

Next time we will describe it in detail how to distinguish a real ‘Sdelai Telo’ simulator from counterfeits. Please, if you have any doubts in the quality of the goods, ask the shop assistant to show you copies of accompanying forms with the name of the producer – that is your right.


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