How often do we enviously look at slender and well-groomed men with rippling muscles! And every time we again and again promise ourselves to start a healthy style of life from Monday, start a diet and finally start visiting a gym. But the Monday comes, and the trivial round absorbs us again. We stay in the office or drive a car the whole day, have a pickup snack, and in the evening, having finally got home, collapse on the sofa in front of the TV. And visiting a gym is out of the question. As a result we get unnecessary kilograms and pains in the back, and our figure moves away from the longed-for ideal.

But the progress doesnt remain in the same place, and a conceptionally new development appeared on the market of sports goods the Sdelai Telo simulator for home use. It is intended for those who would like to improve their health and keep themselves in shape, but who have no time to attend sports clubs.

Sdelai Telo is a hollow hoop, weighing 3 kg, with the section diameter of 7 cm, made of some elastic material, with the internal pressure up to 10 atmospheres. Unlike cumbersome imported simulators and other types of iron that is difficult to make yourself approach to, Sdelai Telo is an elastic hoop that is nice to be used. The Sdelai Telo simulator is very convenient and does not take much space. One can rotate the simulator around his waist like a usual hula hoop and also do different gymnastic exercises developing and improving graceful bearing and general physical state of the organism.

The complex of exercises for the Sdelai Telo simulator was developed by specialists of fitness centres on the basis of shaping programmes and can be done by even beginners. The simulator is accompanied with a set of belts, using which one can get 10 variants of the simulator and perform over 90 various exercises for virtually all groups of muscles. In addition, exercises using the Sdelai Telo simulator are recommended to be used by therapeutic physical training specialists to correct bearing and recover after injuries as well as adaptive exe0rcises for those who have cerebral palsy.

When exercising with Sdelai Telo, the loads depend on the air pressure, the chosen position and the form that can be changed using the belts. It can give the required exertion to both a child and a strong adult.

The simulator ideally suits for each member of the family.

Mothers can return the slenderness and grace they used to have and get rid of problem zones. As, if you rotate the hoop for 15-20 minutes a day, it will make your waist measurement up to 12 cm smaller during the first month of the training, with some benefit to your health, unlike diet pills. Most of the exercises are accompanied with massage, which positively influences the state of the skin and leads to a reduction in cellulitis. Calories are burnt, the cardio-vascular system is trained, and the organism gets more oxygen.
While doing muscle-strengthening exercises, fathers will finally rid of the beer belly and develop arm and leg muscles. For men who are professional sportsmen, Sdelai Telo will be a wonderful simulator that warms up all muscle groups for standard training in a gym.

Sdelai Telo is recommended to elderly people, as already a month after they start the exercises pain in the back will ease, blood pressure will decrease, flexibility and mobility of joints will be preserved, general state of health and vigour will improve.

As for children, Sdelai Telo is an interesting and useful toy for them, that will not only guide the energy of your child into the required direction, but will also help him have the correct bearing (which is so important for school children!) and will facilitate good physical development of the child.

In such a way, practically every member of the family can make an individual programme of training for themselves using the Sdelai Telo simulator, can choose suitable load and, which is most important, train whenever it is convenient for him!

The Sdelai Telo simulator: flexible solution elegant result!

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