When purchasing the simulator, you will get a warranty certificate for 1 year. But the service life of the simulator itself is practically not limited, as it is manufactured of good quality materials and has a simple and reliable structure. The only thing that is required is correct maintenance of the simulator and its regular inflation. The warranty is provided for the case when you buy a simulator with spoilage in production or the simulator started to let out. In this case we exchange the simulator for a new one.

In the case of correct operation, the simulator will serve you and your family for many years. You just have to:

a) keep the simulator in the horizontal position in the form of a ring that excludes it deformation;
b) avoid big bend of the simulator in the place of its junction when using adjusting belts and doing exercises;
c) avoid inflating of the simulator for over 10 atmospheres;
d) not use the simulator at the temperature lower than 0°C. If you bring the simulator home from low temperatures, let it lie in the form it is in, and just then unpack it and straighten;
e) not keep the simulator near open fire or heating devices;
f) not use strong chemical and abrasive substances when cleaning the simulator. It is sufficient to use some soap solution and wash with a jet of water.

If you observe these simple rules, your simulator will serve you for a long time.

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