Dear Sirs,

Our Company is the producer of unique Sdelai Telo simulators, a conceptionally new product on the market of sports goods and services. It makes it possible to do a complex of exercises at home. Taking into account the unique design solution of the simulator, its small size and weight, Sdelai Telo has practically no age restrictions, a ten year old child or an adult can use it. This universal character ensures stable consumer demand to the simulator for over three years already.

We offer you to become our partner in the sales of the Sdelai Telo simulator through your trade network. We offer not only a promoted product that enjoys stable demand. Our partners are very important for us, that is why we do our best to make cooperation with us convenient and pleasant as much as possible.

According to our marketing policy, we take all advertising support upon ourselves. Regular advertising on the TV, in print media and Internet, where not only the simulator itself is positioned, but also the stores where it can be purchased, attracts attention of buyers in the first place. The goal of the work of the operators in our office is also to explain the potential buyer in what store and on what terms it is most convenient to buy the simulator.

The Sdelai Telo simulator is produced in Novosibirsk with factory equipment according to the licensed technology, has a patent for an invention, all required certificates, and complies with all sanitary standards.

The goal of our price policy is to make cooperation mutually beneficial. We are always ready to listen to your wishes and find a reciprocal form of cooperation.
We would like to say it again that the Sdelai Telo simulator is a promoted brand that attracts buyers by itself.

The set includes:
- the Sdelai Telo simulator;
- three regulating belts;
- two pillows that make it convenient to do exercises;
- operation manual.

We also offer accompanying goods:
- a mat to do exercises;
- cases-bags to carry the simulator;
- visual aids on DVD and VHS videocassettes with an authors training session.

If you decide to cooperate with us, you will have a complete official set of documents (both certification and financial), which is important for our partners to do their business.

We do value our partners and plan long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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